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Types of equities

Common Stock

Common Stock is the securities issued by public companies to mobilize funds from the publics. Shareholders have a direct stake in the issuer company and are entitled to vote and participate in major decisions at the shareholders' meetings.

Preferred Stock

Preferred Stock are also equity instruments. The difference between a preferred share and an ordinary share is that the holder of preferred shares will be entitled to a share in the company's funds before ordinary shareholders do.

Corporate Bond

Bond is a contractual agreement between lender (investor) and borrower (issuer). The issuer is obligated to pay the lenders/investors periodic coupon payments until the stated maturity. Thus, bond investor has the claim of the future cash flows from holding the bond.


A warrant holder is entitled to buy a fixed amount of shares at a predetermined price and time. Warrants are issued in conjunction with a new share issue to induce investors to subscribe to the new shares.

Non - Voting Depositary Receipt : NVDR

An NVDR is a new trading instrument issued by Thai NVDR. It is a valid security as specified by SEC and is automatically regarded as a listed security by SET. By investing in NVDR, investors receive the same financial benefits as those who invest directly in a company's ordinary shares.