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Fixed Income Securities Trading Services

Krungsri Capital Securities Public Company Limited offers Fixed Income securities trading services as an alternative investment and diversify investment risk in accordance with the investment planning.

Products Coverage

Government, Bank of Thailand
and State Own Enterprise Securities
Corporate Debenture

Benefits of investing in Fixed Income securities

  • 1. A steady return or income from the cashflow received of coupon payment in the specific period throughout the life of bond
  • 2. Can be tradable in secondary market depend on the bond liquidity in the secondary market
  • 3. Fixed Income securities can be the vital role in managing total portfolio risk for a balanced portfolio and diversify risk

Fixed Income Info

What is Fixed Income Securities?
  • Fixed Income Security is a type of debt instrument that provides returns in form of regular, or fixed interest payments and repayments of the principal when the security reaches maturity.
Type of Fixed Income Securities
  • 1. Government debt securities are debt instruments issued by government such as the Bank of Thailand or the Ministry of Finance. There are short-term debt instruments such as Treasury bills, Bank of Thailand bonds and long-term debt such as government bonds, Savings Bonds.
  • 2. Corporate debt securities are debt instruments issued by the corporation and sold to investors.


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