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Krungsri Capital iFund

KCS is willing to offer new services “Krungsri Capital iFUND” trading system integrated units through the Internet platform to increase convenience allows you to purchase mutual fund units in leading Asset Management Companies. Manually in one place.


  • Convenience: buying, selling and switching mutual funds from variety of Asset Management Companies which are representative by KCS.
  • Easy and safety when placing order on an Internet access.
  • Summary investment portfolio and monitoring the investment realtime.
  • Neutral selection funds by mutual fund analyst and weekly recommendation funds report.
  • New IPO funds are provided.
  • Online Information Services such as performance, investment policy and historical data, so investors can find the easily.

Krungsri Capital iFund บริการซื้อขายหน่วยลงทุนครบวงจร ผ่าน Internet

What’s next in Krungsri Capital iFUND Service?

At the moment, KCS provides 2 type of Account Services:


omnibus account

Descriptions Selling Agent Omnibus Account
1. Opening Account Depending on AMCs KCS Omnibus Account Opening form (Open only once, place order any home sset management)
2. Buy/ Sell/ Switch order Depending on AMCs Via internet/ KCS forms
3. Payment channel Payable to Fund subscription account Payable to KCS account (ATS)
4. Fees Following Prospectus Following Prospectus
5. Balance/ Monthly statement Depending on AMCs KCS summaries investment portfolio

* The sale conditions according to the prospectus and regulations of the service procedures of the company.

risk spectrum

Source : https://www.smarttoinvest.com/Pages/Investment%20Knowledge/risk-spectrum.aspx

Investment contains some degree of risks, the investor should study the fund’s prospectus before investing.