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Overseas Investment

Oversea Investment is another securities investment service in foreign country markets that Krungsri Capital Securities PCL (“The Company”) provides to the clients as an alternatives, diversity and risk diversification in investment including opportunity in creating higher returns in addition to the securities registered in Thailand. The Company acts as an agent to send buy/sell orders of foreign securities to foreign counterparty broker(s) under omnibus account, therefore the account name of securities depositary, settlement and/or rights entitlement of foreign securities is under the account name “Krungsri Capital Securities PCL A/C for Client’s Asset”.

Why Krungsri Capital iGlobal?

  • Krungsri Capital Securities Plc is one of Krungsri Capital Group’s member, the leading brokers on global financial service.
  • KCS is the Thai brokerage firm who provides the financial services with the various of financial products. We increase opportunities for clients’ portfolio management.
  • KCS now have 16 stock exchanges in 12 countries and more in the near future.
  • KCS open opportunities for retail clients to trade overseas securities. The client can open account with minimum credit line at least 200,000 THB while we have no minimum amount when they trade overseas securities. (the minimum amount (board lot) depends on each overseas market)


Country Stock Exchange CCY Settled CCY วัSettled date Trading hours
(based on Thai time)
Staff Online
Asia Pacific
Japan Tokyo Stock Exchange JPY JPY T+2 7.00-13.00 yes yes
Hong Kong /
China (H-share)
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd. HKD HKD T+2 8.30-15.00 yes yes
Singapore Singapore Exchange Ltd. SGD SGD T+2 8.00-16.00 yes yes
South Korea Korea Stock Exchange KRW SGD T+2 7.00-13.30 yes yes
Australia Australian Stock Exchange AUD AUD T+2 7.00-13.00 yes yes
China A Shares Shanghai Stock Exchange RMB SGD T+1 8.30-14.00 yes yes
Shenzhen Stock Exchange RMB SGD T+1 8.30-14.00 yes yes
China (B-Share) Shanghai Stock Exchange USD USD T+3 8.30-14.00 yes yes
Shenzhen Stock Exchange HKD HKD T+3 8.30-14.00 yes yes
Indonesia Indonesia Stock Exchange IDR SGD T+2 9.00-15.00 yes yes
Philippines Philippine Stock Exchange PHP SGD T+2 8.00-12.00 yes yes
United Kingdom London Stock Exchange GBP GBP T+2 15.00-23.30 yes yes
Germany Frankfurt Stock Exchange EUR EUR T+2 15.00-23.30 yes yes
Xetra Stock Exchange EUR EUR T+2 15.00-23.30 yes yes
North America
United State American Stock Exchange USD USD T+2 21.30-4.00 yes yes
NASDAQ USD USD T+2 yes yes
New York Stock Exchange USD USD T+2 yes yes
Canada Toronto Stock Exchange CAD CAD T+2 21.30-4.00 yes yes

Broker Assist means client submits trading order through OISD Financial Advisors by calling 02-081-2631-2.
Online Trading means clients can submit order by themselves via Krungsri Capital iGlobal

Remark :
1. Trading hours is not included day light saving period
2. China A Shares is trading through Hong Kong – Shanghai Connect

Market Holidays

Commission and expenses


1. What is Krungsri Capital iGlobal?
  • Krungsri Capital iGlobal is the 24-hour trading system provided by Krungsri Capital Securities Plc . It allows investors to execute order by themselves via online trading platform.
2. Can we trade overseas securities via Credit balance account or Cash account?
  • No, investor can trade overseas securities through Cash Balance account only. (Investors have to deposit money in full amount of trading value before buying the securities)
3. Is there any minimum trading amount?
  • To open account, investor have to show balance for THB 200,000 but trading credit line will depends on approved credit and/or money deposit.
4. Can we execute order before deposit money?
  • Cannot, investors have to deposit money before execution at least 1 business days prior.
5. Is there any charge on transferring money to overseas account?
  • For conversion of THB to other currency, there is transfer fee THB1,500 per transaction per currency.
  • The reverse conversion from other currency to THB has no charge.
6. Is there any interest for money deposit in FI account?
  • Money deposit in THB will receive interest as the rate announced by company.
  • Other currency will not be received interest.
7. Can we trade Futures or any derivative products in overseas markets?
  • Cannot, currently we allow to trade only common stocks and ETFs. We are seeking the opportunity to expand products in the future.
8. How we do settlement on trading overseas securities?
  • Most of global markets will settle on T+3, depend on each country.
9. Can investors deposit other currency to trade overseas securities?
  • Cannot, investors have to deposit THB only, due to the controlling regulation.
10. Other fees for foreign securities except the selling/buying commission
  • There may have any additional fees depend on each security for example service fee that maybe charged by Depositary Receipts (DR) issuer

Advantage of trading overseas securities.
  • More channels to diversify investment portfolio
  • Chance to enhance return on investment
  • Risk diversification
  • Opportunity to be the shareholder of leading global company
  • New experiences for your investment
Related Taxes
Taxes on overseas investment and currency exchange are subjective and depend on each market. Krungsri Capital Securities Plc does not provide tax consultant so the investor should study and explore all related taxes from each market or consult with the tax expert for your investment.
Related Risk
  • Market risk : consider on the market situation and price volatility
  • Operational risk : consider on settlement and share delivery system
  • Legal risk : consider on changes of related regulation
  • Liquidity risk : consider on trading liquidity, exchange rate and trading system
  • Counterparty risk : consider on reliability of counterparty or agent broker
Other conditions
  • Trading on margin loan or credit balance account is prohibited.
  • Short selling is prohibited.

ATS for Foreign Investment

Open account with KCS

Existing customer
  • Sign the Memorandum of understanding for overseas investment and risk disclosure statement.
  • Sign the form W-8BEN for tax benefit on trading U.S. securities
  • Attachment with certified true copy on :
    - Financial statement (show 3 months movement)

New customer
  • Sign the Memorandum of understanding for overseas investment and risk disclosure statement.
  • Sign the form W-8BEN for tax benefit on trading U.S. securities
  • Attachment with certified true copy on :
    - Copy of ID card
    - Copy of house registration
    - Financial statement (show 3 months movement)
    - First page of book bank (for ATS settlement)
    - Duty stamp THB30

* Customer is able to open only cash balance account to trade overseas securities after deposit full amount of expected trading value or above. The financial statement must disclose the balance more than 200K to qualify the risk control requirement. (the minimum investment can be changed without prior notice.)


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