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Why KCS?

There are many reasons to open a KCS account.

Fast and Easy

  • Easy to log-in to your accounts with a single User-ID and Password (for Equities, Derivatives, Margin Accounts, SBL and Mutual Funds).
  • Speed up and convenience with Single sign-on for all trading system (Stocks, Derivative, Margin Accounts, SBL, Overseas Invesment,
    and Mutual Fund).
  • Includes the Automatic Transfer System (ATS) for transferring money to your trading accounts.
  • With credit balance account, users will benefit from having the flexibility to increase their investment opportunities.

Secure and Safe

  • Krungsri Capital on-line trading services follow international safety standards to ensure that your information will be not be leaked or lost.
  • Double password security:
        - Customized “Username & Password” to login to the website.
        - Require "Trading Password (PIN) for every trading order(s). For security purposes, users need to change their PIN when using their account for the first time. Users can also change their PIN as many times as needed.

Investment Tools

โปรแกรมซื้อขายหลักทรัพย์และอนุพันธ์ Streaming

Settrade Streaming

Streaming is the Equity & Derivatives trading software. Support platform PC, Android and iOS

1. Technical Chart
2. Market watch
3. Sense and Notification
4. TFEX Menu
5. Settrade DCA Order
6. Conditional Order

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โปรแกรมซื้อขายหลักทรัพย์ eFin-Trade Plus

eFin Trade Plus

eFin Trade Plus is the Equity & Derivatives trading software with intuitive functions and a user-friendly interface. The easy composition of displayed data provides clients with the best possible results by observing real-time market data and executing investors’ commands. Support platform PC, Android and iOS

1. Risk Control
2. Batch Order
3. Portfolio Clearing
4. Notification on Mobile
5. Portfolio
6. View Order
7. Market watch
8. Bar Trade
9. Smart One Click
10.Auto Trade

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Krungsri Capital iFund

Krungsri Capital iFund

trading system integrates the purchase of mutual fund units through an Internet trading platform in order to increase clients’ level of confidence by allowing them to purchase mutual fund units from all the leading Asset Management Companies (AMCs) in one place by themselves. Support platform PC, Android and iOS

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Krungsri Capital SBL

SBL Real Time

is the first system for Thailand’s stock market that lets clients obtain the designated stock in less than 10 seconds after the borrowing process is executed; hence, borrowers can place their short-selling orders at just the right time.

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Krungsri Capital iGlobal

Overseas Investment

clients are able to trade in 16 stock exchanges in 12 countries globally, including HK/China, Japan, U.S., Europe, etc. With support from Krungsri Capital, whose research team is among top rank in Asia

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Krungsri Capital iWealth

Krungsri Capital iWealth

Financial planning program for everyone to achieve various goals in life.

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